What is the best way to get started?
The High Power Rifle Shooting Clinic, which provides day-long training with Division-owned M1-Garand and AR-15 rifles, is an excellent introduction to the sport and a great way to improve a shooter's grasp of fundamentals.  The course is generally offered once a year in the fall.

How do I get classified?
Compete in NRA Sanctioned matches. After participating in one match you receive a temporary classification. When the NRA has a minimum of 120 rounds on record, you will receive a Classification card. The scores for the Rio Salado League are not reported till the end of the season. Consequently, if the only matches you shoot are at Rio you will not receive a card till June or July.

What are the classifications?
Marksman: <84%, Sharp Shooter: 84 to <89%, Expert: 89 to <94%, Master: 94 to <97%, High Master: 97% and up.

Do I need to reload?
No, you don't need to reload. There is a degree of economy when you do. Match ammunition tends to be a bit expensive. Surplus ammunition is OK but handloads tend to deliver better performance.

Can I use a scope?
A spotting scope yes, a rifle scope yes. The rules allow for scopes in all matches.

What Targets do you use?
The Targets.

What is Camp Perry?
Camp Perry is a Ohio National Guard base located on Lake Erie, and has been home to the annual US National Rifle & Pistol Matches since 1909. The matches are co-sponsored by the CMP. Typically the first week in August is the CMP Service Rifle week with the President's Match, National Trophy Individual Match, "Rattle Battle" team match, Springfield bolt Match, John C Garand Match, and the Freedom's Fire Junior Match.

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