Introduction to High Power Rifle & M1 Qualification Clinic

This one day class will introduce the novice shooter to high power rifle shooting and serve as the required match to purchase your very own US Army M1 Garand from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The current price for a GI field grade Garand is $630.00. For $1,030.00 you can purchase an M1 refurbished with a new barrel and stock. Requirements to purchase from the CMP are to be a US citizen, be at least 18 years of age, be a member of a CMP affiliated club or State Association, and to complete a 50 round CMP affiliated match. All shooting at this clinic is from the 200 yard markers.

The course of activities are:

Club M-1 Garand (30.06) & AR-15 (.223) rifles are available for use at ammo cost. Ammo is available at the clinic for $30.00 (35 rounds). We do not sell any other caliber of ammo. Club ammo must be used in club guns.

As an option, you may bring any of the following rifles with ammo to use at the clinic: M-1 Garand, AR-15 / M-16, M-1A / M-14, Mini 14 / 30, or military bolt rifle. Iron sights only, no scoped rifles. You will need a canvas or leather adjustable sling for your rifle. Bring 35 rounds of ammo. Armor Piercing and Tracer ammo is NOT allowed. Two magazines or stripper clips (for bolt guns) are required.

After completing the clinic, attendees are invited to participate in any of the monthly matches held at Rio Salado.

Clinic cost: Adults $35.00, Juniors $20.00.
Unfortunately, due to the high number of no-shows we have had to go to a pre-pay policy. We will also be sending you the CMP affidavit forms which the clinic attendee will have to have notarized ahead of time. This greatly speeds up the time spent in class and gets the shooters on the line earlier in the day.   Sign-ups are on a first-come first-serve basis by registration form. Registration opens a month before the clinic and registration forms & fees must be received by a week before the clinic. (see the flyer for actual dates) Additional applications received during the registration period will go on a waiting list. Applicants may withdraw during the registration period. No walk-ups will be accepted.

Clinic dates: 2018 - Sun Apr 29, Sun Oct 28

Clinic time: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Items to bring: EYE PROTECTION is MANDATORY on range property, EAR PROTECTION, food & plenty to drink, spotting scope or binoculars, pen or pencil, calculator or trust your own counting, long pants, long sleeve shirt (swearshirt works best), jacket to wear while shooting (non-slip fabric, shooting jacket or GI field jacket works best), folding lawn chair (if desired). Check out High Power Rifle Competition for a complete look at high power rules and gear.

For the clinic flyer, click HERE
For the clinic entry form, click HERE
For the clinic affidavit, click HERE
For the junior (parent sign) affidavit, click

Clinic Director: Mike Kohrs e-mail Mike K.
Division Director: Mike Tolliver
e-mail Mike T.

Each clinic is limited to 39 students. Make your reservations early.

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